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Flash Player for Android, download and Play flash games on your mobile
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Android is currently the most popular mobile operating system on the planet. Millions of phones and tablets worldwide use this effective, and free operating system from Google. Adobe Flash is also one of the most popular pieces of software in the world.

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Review: Adobe Flash Player 12 for Android & PC Devices
StreetWise Tech
Today we will perform a short but informative review on the popular Adobe Flash Player 12 plugin for PC and Android devices. For a rich and high impact web content, you will need the services of Adobe Flash Player 12. While having simple site content ...

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Road test: Sudoku Junior app
South China Morning Post (subscription)
There is an option of games for children over 10 years, so all ages and levels are catered for. My daughter is a great fan of apps where she can raise pets in hotels, and make silly cats say silly things. But because this is a slightly more educational ...

Cult of Mac

New iOS puzzler Dropu is what would happen if Tetris and Sudoku had a baby
Cult of Mac
As a concept, it may not be the most original puzzle game idea of the century, but as something of a sucker for Tetris remixes, it does sound like challenging fun ? while the pastel color scheme is appealing in its simplicity. Dropu can be downloaded ...

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