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Running Fred Website Updated With Even Bigger Collection Of The Best Free ...
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Free to lay flash games have become an addicting way for people to spend some free time, and their relatively simplistic game play mechanics and graphics are evocative of a simpler time for gaming, giving many older gamers a hit of nostalgia. One of ...

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The Story of Transformice: the 60 million players indie game
Gamasutra (blog)
At this point, we knew we had to take a decision: leave our full-time jobs and create a company to take care of the game (which already generated some income), or kill it entirely because we didn't have enough free time for its needs. Obviously, we ...

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Four-step puzzle design
Gamasutra (blog)
During my time working on Disney Infinity, I began to see that a lot of game puzzles, including many of our own, missed this mark. Even puzzles in some of my favourite games often left me feeling unsatisfied. The reason was simple - I kept finding ...

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Puzzles and Games
1) Major airline 6) Major broadcaster 9) An encouraging word 14) Type of manual 15) Fond du ___, Wisc. 16) Downy duck 17) Supernatural life forces 18) Opposite of hence 19) Cathedral topper 20) Method of pairing off for safety 23) Lennon's wife 24) ".

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