Everyone is looking for the best teeth: healthy and strong with a white smile. The tussle is on what is required of us to get the right teeth. Healthy teeth require restrained eating and quality care. It is imperative that everyone learns the outright foods for such healthy teeth. Additionally, we should know that some foods have negative effects towards our teeth.

Foods to avoid for healthy teeth

It is always advisable that you consult with a dentist in case you have any doubts on how to maintain healthy teeth. Some fruits such as lemons, grapefruits, oranges, and lime are said to be in the gray area for various reasons. The acids found in these fruits are strong and may erode the enamel. This could result in subsequent teeth decay. Dental health may, therefore, demand you to stop taking such fruits.

Coffee could harm your teeth

etytrtdej65yrfdeThere are different ways in which coffee may affect your teeth: by staining the teeth and by making the enamel weak. It is advisable that you cut down on this drink so as to get better dental health. Like coffee, wine too could result in the above problems. Tomatoes are said to have some issues due to the acid levels in them. This means one should avoid taking tomatoes raw. That notwithstanding, you can reap health benefits if made part of a meal.

Soda causes tooth decay and enamel erosion

Consuming excess soda is not advisable. Be it regular or diet soda, the risk of having teeth problems increases with consumption of this beverage. Candy is another item you should avoid for the sake of your dental health. It has a lot of sugar that cause tooth cavities. This could bring about bacteria causing teeth damage. Worth noting: any item that is sugary should not be kept for long in the mouth.

Consuming dried fruits regularly could be harmful

hry546yrfdfh5etdTo get clean, glowing teeth, you need to avoid colored drinks. However, dairy products, carrots, apples, almonds, and celery are advised. These foods have sufficient nutrients to give you the desired dental health. Knowing the categories of harmful and healthy foods would go a long way to ensuring that you maintain strong, healthy and clean teeth. Avoid the unwanted foods and fruits so as to get the best results. Your dental health should never be compromised. Avoid taking chances with your oral health: keep off the unwanted foods so as to avert dental problems.…